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Nonna's Good Life

Food for everyday heroes

We serve the food that people love to eat: pizza, pasta, wings, salads and sandwiches.

Nonna's Good Life
Nonna's Good Life

Hey, you. We see you.

You show up. You work hard. You’re honest. You do what you say you’re going to do. These are your values; the code you live your life by. And, what you’re made of? We’re made of it, too.

Pizza has a way of making a hero out of any one of us.

Prepared simply and served without a fuss, the menu at Nonna’s Good Life is filled with Italian-American classics.

It’s the food you’ve got to have after a long day at work or school.

It’s what you order when your buddies are coming over to watch the game.

It’s the dinner that you know your kids will be excited about eating.

It’s the right idea at your lunch break.

Or after a late night hitting the bars. It’s for celebrating. Or commiserating. And everything in between.


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