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Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies & Teas

Be tru to your tummy™ with the first USDA Certified Frozen Yogurt.


Truly Natural, Truly Nutritious, Truly Tasty Treats Await! 

Trugurt is much more than just your typical frozen yogurt shop; it’s a self-serve frozen treat lover’s paradise. 

We proudly serve the 1st USDA organic frozen yogurt, and vegan-friendly options. We feature flavors that are fat-free, soy-free, dairy-free or gluten-free from a long list of regular and seasonal flavors. Our 4-step creation process makes it simple and easy to make a tasty treat:

1. Grab a Cup 

2. Fill it Up

3. Top it Off

4. Weigh to Pay

NoGuilt Treats

Our dietary restriction-friendly treats don't stop with frozen yogurt. We also feature All-Natural Fruit Smoothies, and Organic/Artisan Teas. Stop by for a treat - we have something for everyone to enjoy!


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